Snuggle Buddies

The goal of Snuggle Buddies is to create an artistic revolution, bringing more photorealistic digital artists into the NFT space and having fun with our community along the way. Snuggle Buddies was created by artist Dino Belli with the following 3 principles:

— We use art to uplift and connect.

COMMUNITY — Creating close-knit community to mold the future of Snuggle Buddies.

PROGRESS — We make progress by taking small steps compounded into giant leaps.

Phase 0

Art & Community Creation
Early Q1 2022

🔥 Individually create 500 unique Snuggle Buddies
🗣 Setup Discord, Twitter, website, and marketing
🚀 Organic community growth
❤️ Create 1/1 to auction for King Jayden's heart surgery
🌟 Trademark Snuggle Buddies name

Phase 1

Genesis Collection Mint
‍Early Q1 2022

🏅 25 Snuggle Buddies out of the 500 Genesis collection will be special and receive an exclusive trait pass. This will provide priority for future collaborations and WL spots
🆓 Holding a de-listed genesis Snuggle Buddy will give you a free NFT and guaranteed WL access for the gen 2 collection
📈 Low supply means the community decides the floor

Phase 2

Brand Expansion & Community Development
Q2 2022

🌌 Dino will hand-create 2,000 unique new creatures from the Snuggle Universe
🛠 We will consult with the community to explore opportunities that further utility provided to Snuggle Buddy holders
💻 Community inspiration for gen 2 collection
🧸 Select publisher and manufacturer for children's books and plush toys — early access and perks for genesis holders
👾 Brand marketing which may include creation of a Discord Snuggle game and celebrity Snuggle Buddies
🕵️ Establishment of a SnuggleClub Alpha channel
🤝 Major partnership announcements and collaborations
🎁 Community driven events, activities, prizes, and giveaways
🙋 IRL presence at web3/metaverse events

Phase 3

Gen 2 Mint
Q3 2022

🤯 2,000 unique creatures from the Snuggle Universe are unleashed!
🪂 Airdrops commence for Genesis holders (see Phase 1)

Phase 4

Artist Education & Incubator
Q4 2022

🎥 Live streams and workshops for creating 3D art in Blender
🏫 Curation of educational content on digital art
🦖 Opportunities for 1:1 workshops with Snuggle Buddies creator, Dino Belli
🎶 Fun workshops on IRL art and music creation
🖼 Bring photorealistic digital artists into the NFT space to create their own collections
💁 Community involvement in artist and project selection
💳 Benefits for Snuggle Buddies holders in new NFT projects with amazing art

Ideas or Suggestions?

We want to hear from you! Join the community by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter!