An NFT project that values artwork, community, & family

500 Gen 1 Characters

Each Snuggle Buddy is a unique, hand-crafted work of 3D art infused with love and snuggles. No generative algorithms here!

Beautifully detailed artwork

Rendered from 3D art scenes using Blender.

The start of a Snuggle Universe

Future collections will expand upon Snuggle Buddies with a universe of Cuddle Creatures.


Community Focused

The Snuggle Buddies community fosters positivity, with a strong emphasis on art and family. You won't find a better NFT community out there.

Incredible artist involvement

The artist — Dino Belli — doxxed himself at the start of the project and is wildly active in the Snuggle Buddies Discord.

You decide our future

Community is a pillar of Snuggle Buddies. We lean on fan art and fan fiction for inspiration and community input to guide our roadmap.


Family First

The creator of Snuggle Buddies is a true family man. His kids helped inspire the collection, and our community is full of parents whose kids love Snuggle Buddies.

Children's books

NFT holders will have exclusive access to Snuggle Buddies children's books written by Dino and inspired by our community!

Plush toys

Snuggle Buddies plush toys will be available to NFT holders for maximum snuggles.



The Snuggle Buddies origin story begins in January 2022...

January 2022

The creator of Snuggle Buddies — Dino Belli — enters his creative studio on a dark and stormy night. By first light the next morning...Snuggle Buddies were born!

February 2022

The Snuggle Buddies community launches with Twitter and Discord

March 2022

The Snuggle Buddies gen 1 mint date is announced!

March 30, 2022

Official Snuggle Buddies mint date – see you on the moon!